Fox Natural Building Company

    "Specializing in the Art of Building with Sustainably Harvested
                              Appalachian Hardwoods"

Sornson Residence, Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Fox Natural Building Company and Piney Ridge Timber Frames teamed up to construct this beautiful straw bale timber frame home. The home is enclosed with straw bales covered in an earthen plaster. All the interior walls are lathed and stuffed with light straw-clay, covered in earthen plaster. Numerous artistic details were included in the hand-plastered walls.

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Wolff Residence, Akron, Ohio

This is a single story slab-on-grade straw bale home.  Marcia Wolff and Chris Fox shared the role of general contractor on this home. Marcia, an interior designer by profession, had many ideas and had collected many salvaged building materials that were incorporated into the structure.  Marcia helped throughout the entire building process, including completing the finish plaster. This was the first permitted straw bale home built in Summit county Ohio (city of Akron).

Feezel/Dally Residence, Carrolton, Ohio

This post and beam structure was built from timbers harvested on site by a local builder.  Paul Feezel was able to oversee the build which would be his future home.  Mark Hoberecht of Harvestbuild Associates, Inc., worked with Paul on designing the home.  Chris Fox and his crew worked with Paul in preparation for the straw bale enclosure system. Most of the bale walls were completed by volunteer crews. The home's exterior was sided with wood from the site and the interior walls were finished with earthen plaster.  More can be learned about this home by going to

Read 2005 article about this house



Great Lakes Brewing Company, Beer Garden, Cleveland, Ohio 

This is a straw bale wall system in the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Beer Garden that’s attached to the restaurant. The straw  bale wall is coated in an earthen plaster, inside and out. This project is mentioned under the Green Building heading on the Company's Sustainability Projects page

The Willows Education Center at Chatfield School, Lapeer, Michigan

The Willows Education Center was designed by Wayne Appleyard. Fox and crew enclosed the post and beam structure with straw bales and covered the interior and exterior walls with earthen and lime plasters. The students of Chatfield School were able to join in and help with some of the bale work and base coats of plaster. LEARN MORE

Holyoke Residence, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Fox and crew completed the plaster work on this quaint straw bale home in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The George Jones Farm and Nature Preserve, Oberlin, Ohio

From 2001 to 2007 Chris was involved in numerous projects and site development on the Jones Farm and Nature Preserve. White Oak and Red Maple were harvested on site to construct an 18'×36' mortise and tenon timber frame structure which was enclosed with straw bales and covered in earthen plaster. The structure also included an earthen floor and passive solar design and solar hot water collectors with radiant floor heat. This building served as the farm office and gathering space. Other projects on the farm included a straw bale walk-in cooler, Mandala Garden, cob oven and straw bale greenhouse. Many of the projects on the farm were built with help from volunteers, workshops and Oberlin College students.  LEARN MORE

Kious Residence, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

This is a beautiful arts and crafts home which was the first permitted straw bale in Cuyahoga County.  Chris Fox and crew led work parties for stacking bales. Interior and exterior wall were then finished with earthen plaster. SLIDESHOW |LEARN MORE

Navazio Residence, Pekin, Indiana

This mortise and tenon timber frame home was enclosed with straw bales coated in an earthen plaster.  Numerous artistic details were included on the interior hand-plastered walls.

Kreins Residence, Batavia, Ohio

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